The Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Experiment London 2016

On Oct 29th London will be joining over 136 other cities, and tens of thousands of people, from all corners of the planet in The Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2016. Click here to join us, and a few thousand others in London

Ok, so you’re coming, right? Here are the designated meeting points:

designated locations (dry weather)

designated locations: dry weather

link to a printable map

Taking 1 minute to share eye contact with someone who normally you’d just pass-by in the street to remind people that we are all human, experiencing this world and life together. In times punctuated by constant interruption from mass marketing and scare-mongering media, seeking to highlight our differences over our similarities to segment and separate us, to better serve their profit margins, it is an intensely powerful and needed connective experience


click here for a printable file, to put up in your favourite cafe, school, uni, or just on the streets, and help to grow the event

The beautiful concept has been created by our friends The Liberators International from Australia, who’ve asked The Focallocal Community (that’s us ;) to set up and run an awesome gathering in London — and that’s just what we’ve done. With the help of a wonderful team of hero’s, who came together to get posters out, contact the media, design the beautiful poster above, and more!

Tips for Eye Contact Experiment
Eye Contact Poster w QR

click these two photos for a printable version

Tell all your friends, and come and join us on the 29th. everyone needs a little more connection in their day ..and our World is gasping out for it!

Originally published at Focallocal.