Urgent Call to Action: this World needs you right now!

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Urgent Call to Action:

For our documentary we need Hero’s to get out on the streets and brighten the mood in London, and so do the people, everyone is soo depressed these days. They need us, and they need YOU!

Leading an activity only requires you to be there on time, and to invite a few friends. Its designed to be super easy.

Robbie would like to film you leading:

- Give a Bubble

- Free Hugs

- Connecting Canvas

- Pillow Fight 4Connection

- Inspire MY City

- Eye Bombing

- The Positivity Facilitator

- I have a Message for YOU!

- Eye Contact for Connection

you can read more about them all here: http://news.focallocal.org/activities-list/

you can also help out with:

- our new public story creation activity (with me)

- Sarit and Adam’s catch someone doing something nice.

Ok, who’s in? and lets discuss below which days you can do.

Originally published at Focallocal.

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