Why we’re sticking with ‘Public Happiness’ rather than the now popular ‘Random Acts of Kindness’

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Random Acts of Kindness has become popular as a term and people might wonder why we aren’t simply adopting it too so our videos, articles and photos can reach more people

The answer is simple. There’s nothing ‘random’ about what we’re doing here, and using that term would cheapen our mission and the work we are doing. As an early influencer, spending years showing people around the world the benefits it could have to societies health, specific social issues, and to your own mental health, simply getting into the streets and doing things to make others happier, I started building this project long before RAOK became popularised as the default term for activities similar to ours; many videos floating around on social media under that name i’m fairly sure are directly from our activities, and its lovely to see how far they’ve spread.

If you visit our Recommended Public Happiness Activities list on the [homepage](http://focallocal.org) you’ll see that all of them state at the very top the societal issues they are targeting. They are also all based on concepts from peer reviewed studies in mental health, sociology, psychology, and many other related fields. These papers should also be listed but the list has gone missing. if you’d like to help me rebuild it and link to them in our descriptions again please get in touch

We’ll be sticking with the term ‘Public Happiness’ as it’s a far more accurate description of the goals that drive our community forwards in our mission to build a happier, more connected, and safer world. I’m glad that you’re with us and reading this!

Originally published at Focallocal.

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