Everyone Has At Least One Superpower

Chances are you will not be able to fly like Super Man, be fast like Flash, or crush anything that stands in your path like the Hulk after reading this blog.

However, what many of us often fail to realize about superheroes is that the attributes I described are only a small part of their overall presence. There are other, often-overlooked characteristics that superheroes share that define them. These characteristics, which I believe are more important than flying and major ass kicking strength, are well within the realm of possibility for everyone.

In fact, every human being is special in his or her own way and possesses at least one gift that is unique. It is our universal mission to discover these talents and share them with the world.

So What Is Your Superpower?

This, each one of us has to discover for himself or herself. However, there are general rules you can follow to figure out what your unique ability is. When you do, there is no denying it. You know it and you spend your entire life cultivating it, nurturing it, and using it for good.

Some Tips to Help You Along

Ask yourself the following questions every day until you have the answer:

  1. What am I willing to do for love not money?

2. What am I passionate about, can work hard for, and have fun with no matter what?

3. Maybe there is something that when you do it gives you a feeling of elation, creates purpose in your existence, and brings focus to your life?

4. Look within and identify your core values. Is there anything so important that you are willing to give your life to it and for it if needed?

The answers will come when you consciously listen, observe, ask questions, problem solve, make connections, and keep your mind open to any and all possibilities. Be INTENTIONAL when doing things, look for MEANING, and most importantly: WRITE THE ANSWERS DOWN.

To experience the presents life has to offer, you must first be present — Darren Hardy

So, work on being present in all situations (i.e. don’t be a spectator), carry a journal, and write your truths down in it or create a new note in your phone dedicated to discovering yourself and your uniqueness.

The Intended Side Effect

Here’s the kicker, the truth within this Universal Truth: If you follow these rules, you will be happy and fulfilled doing what you love and serving others and you will make a great living doing it. You will be wealthy on all planes of existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Key? Once you have your answers, stay within the realm of your expertise. Work hard at it. Be passionate about it. Love it. Cultivate and study it. Push yourself every day to be better at it. When obstacles arise; persist. Use it to serve others and add value to them.

But perhaps the greatest happiness and joy will come to you when you help others find their superpowers. If you’re a teacher teach how to attain them. if you’re a writer write about procuring them. If you’re a speaker speak about achieving them.

Do it all without fail and you will develop your superpower.

Dive into life head first.

Take big gulps.

Now Off You Go On Your Quest To Become A Superhero.

Hey, I’m Oskar.

My mission is to change the world of education (but not only) by providing teachers and parents with the tools that empower them to provide and advocate for the best education for their kids.

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