How To Remember Shit You Learn

Having things is neat. Some things we need to survive. Others fulfill certain wants. But all things eventually crumble. It is this impermanence of tangible objects that has me convinced a meaningful life is made up of memories not things.

Memories become stories we tell our children, grandchildren, and, if we’re lucky, great grand children. We recall them at the dinner table, around the camp fire, or on a road trip undertaken to create more memories. Some are so exhilarating they are told in books or adapted for screenplays of Oscar-winning movies.

Memories are meant to last. But how do we make them last?

We make lasting memories by processing life as it happens around us. Memories is what life is made of. Process, Learn, and Live Life to the Fullest.

Much of the information above is inspired by what I learned from a MOOC named “Learning How To Learn” developed by Dr. Barbara Oakley and a Peter Doolittle TEDGlobal 2013 Talk “How your working memory makes sense of the world.” In my infographics, I combine what I learn with personal experience as a middle school and high school teacher to make K-12 learning accessible to all students.

You can too. You have the power to change lives. Use it often.

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