Worry is worthless

FEEDING YOUR FEARS This is a phrase I heard Geoff Thompson say in one of his promotional videos that I watched again this morning. I was reminded of Geoff again last night when meeting up with a group of friends. My mate Chris, who found Geoff a great inspiration in his life, has encouraged me to look into Geoff’s journey a bit more and he’s lending me some of his books to read. I will make sure to give more money to homeless people, who need more help than ever at this time of year — doing charitable deeds is my way of giving back when I’ve taken something for free… Geoff has come from humble beginnings and established himself today as a great inspirational speaker. I watched one of his videos again this morning and already there are lessons — along with some great positives that I’ve added to my thinking for the day and will come back to watch this video again and again to help really cement these learnings into my mind. There is so much great wisdom contained in just this one short video clip — make sure you get a quiet moment to sit and watch this properly in order to really take in what he’s giving us. This is a regular guy like you or I — someone who is constantly looking at himself and making improvements along the way — creating a new, improved life for himself and helping those around him. Unlike so many of the self-help gurus — who seem to make their fortune from being self help gurus…Geoff isn’t just recounting others’ ideas, he’s a successful writer and master of martial arts — and by practicing what what he preaches, has managed to make considerable changes in his life. The other great thing is — if you join up to Geoff’s newsletter — you get a free e-book too! Two things that have stuck in my mind this morning: Cause & Effect. Every single thing we do has an effect on the world around us. Our positive actions are going to affect those around us and ultimately move us to a better place. If we take on negatives, we’re going to be affected and that will in turn have a knock-on effect with everyone else. Expansion through contraction. Evaluating where we are and what’s around us — stripping away everything that is not helping us to grow will enable us to get to our true selves. It will make people around us uncomfortable but those elements that are not part of our journey will fall away and others that are, will gravitate towards us. The quietness in these early mornings, I’m contemplating where I want to go. I have my lists, my various tasks and reminders etc. — and they all seem very near to me in my present field of vision — but nothing here seems to point very far from my current position on or where I want to go. I already know the direction I want to go in — fulfilment through doing the things that I enjoy and ultimately benefit myself and others. I’ve made a decision to go on this adventure — but where am I going? The steps definitely feel like they are being made in the right direction, but not knowing where I will end up or have a clear journey of how to get there and when, has caused some concern and a bit of negative/cynical thoughts in the back of my mind. My horizons are not yet in view and I have no clear ultimate goal — so I’m taking blind steps…where? The steps to self mastery Geoff says that when he looks at his former self, he doesn’t recognise the person from where he is now. And that’s because he’s slowly shed his skin and formed a new identity. He’s achieved this by going from A-B, from B-C etc. and not worried about where Z is or how to get there — he’s taken steps to self mastery by working consistently and daily — and he has kept his imagination open. It’s by recognising and facing up to his dark demons/fears — and using alchemy within to convert that energy for producing his best work. So, if by researching, learning and re-discovering — writing down a journal and retaining positive improvements (no matter how small they are), I’m making a small % change in the right direction — I too will be looking back at my former self in time, and from a place I’ve chosen to be in, by taking the many small in the right direction steps, needed for change.

Originally published at ffc2015.blogspot.co.uk on January 09, 2015.

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