FODIES Genesis MeetUp || “connecting the world with food”

1 min readJun 14, 2022

Last week we held our first FODIES Meet up at Grand Venetian Hotel Indonesia. The event was held on Saturday, we were very happy to get the full attention and enthusiasm of the participants!

FODIES Project Leader Hadi Sumawan led the discussion on how blockchain will become the technology of the future. He also explained why we chose to adopt Blockchain technology in the FODIES economic ecosystem, “Basically we don’t create new projects, but we upgrade existing businesses”.

FODIES digital marketing manager, M. Djazuli Iskandar Also added “economic growth in the digital era is going very fast, so we must prepare and take this opportunity”.

Our advisor, Dr. Irfan Arif Nugroho, S.Pd, SH, MH, MM as an academic and entrepreneur in various universities and companies, added the importance of a business scale-up in an all-digital era, and explained why he wanted to become an advisor at FODIES “I want to be an advisor to FODIES because Projects that are clearly Real and focused on consumer adoption”.

We would like to thank all the meeting participants as well as everyone who supported us through our social media channels. We hope we can meet you all in person!.