How to get more Views on Instagram Story

Getting story views on Instagram can be a little tricky. If you’re a copywriter it can be easy as a snap. However, when it comes to regular people trying to get attention, it can take some learning.

First of all, IG stories are some of the most looked at on the internet however, the way people see them depends on how they are titled, and the way the description is written. This makes the difference between who sees what post first because of the funky way the Instagram algorithm works.

A Few Things You Should Know

One of the nice things about getting views on your post is that Instagram allows people who watch Instagram stories to see yours without even following you because you’ve added certain kinds of keywords to your descriptions to your videos, and pictures. It’s these kinds of keywords that play a major role in getting attention with Instagram algorithms.

You can learn how to add to Instagram story by clicking around and learning on your account. It’s not hard. The one thing to remember is that after you make your post and before you press the button to post it, you have everything the way you want it to be. Then, you add the particular keywords in the description of your videos that trigger the Instagram algorithms.

Use words that name the particular industry you’re in, or the particular type of audience you want to see it. Here are a few examples:








Always use a # (Hashtag) to let Instagram know you want to target this industry or audience. Write this inside your description and the Instagram bots will scan it a little faster than other posts. You can also use certain tags for different followers by using the @ symbol. This way your tagged friends can see what you’re doing also. This way you can also get more Instagram views.

Learn From Other Posts

You can learn how to post a story on Instagram by using the story posting button. This creates Insta stories. It’s those little panels you see as you open up your account page. Sometimes you’ll see stories from people you’re not following. It’s because they have put the right keywords in their descriptions.

Businesses use Instagram in just that particular way. They’ll put keywords into a post that go along with the particular market target they’re looking for as well as buying ads to supplement their advertising campaigns. These things together help to get the word out to those who don’t know. Some of these advertisements are filled with Gif and Jpeg pictures to give it attention-drawing value. Some are voiced, and some are even illustrated in such a way to keep you looking at one right after another flipping automatically.

When you post, make a plan or a strategy. You’ll see your posts get further. Also, use to get more views and likes. This helps the algorithms as well when you want to get out there!




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