ActiveAether Looks Ahead to Fog World Congress

The annual Fog World Congress event will take place October 1–3 just outside San Francisco, and ActiveAether is pumped.

Awareness of fog computing is undoubtedly trending up. Many developers we speak with are well informed of the ins and outs of fog computing while many others have heard the term but never quite grokked the details. Fog World Congress is something of a communion of academia and industry around fog computing, featuring speakers from Cisco, Microsoft, Purdue University, Google Brain, and of course, ActiveAether.

A description of fog computing in FWC’s own words:

Supporting the wide range of emerging systems and applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), 5G mobile systems, Big Data, edge analytics, and embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), requires a new computing and networking paradigm — fog computing. Rather than confining computing to a few massive Clouds, Fog distributes computing, storage, control, and networking services closer to the end users along the Cloud-to-Thing continuum where the services can best meet user requirements. The immersive fog can address many challenges that Cloud alone cannot effectively address, such as enabling real-time edge data analytics, supporting time-critical local control, connecting and protecting the vast number and many types of resource-constrained devices, and overcoming network bandwidth and availability constraints. Over time, cloud and fog will converge into unified end-to-end platforms offering integrated services that combine resources in the clouds, the fogs, and the things.

ActiveAether co-founder and CEO, Dr. Robert MacInnis, will be delivering a keynote entitled “Serverless in the Fog: The Holy Grail of Distributed Computing” as well as a technical session for developers titled “Getting Real: ML, AR and Fog Computing Collide with Magic Leap.”

This will mark ActiveAether’s second consecutive appearance at Fog World Congress, though this will be the first as a Diamond level sponsor. Cisco will be the event’s sole other Diamond sponsor.

A look at the various levels of sponsorship

If you’re going to be attending Fog World Congress, come check out our booth and say hello. We promise we are friendly people!