Why I Left My Big Fancy Tech Job and Wrote a Book
Jessica Powell

Interesting Take On Why You Wrote Your Books, BUT I have a few questions.

To begin with, I actually agree with your assessment that the tech industry does NOT live up to its claims. However, not due to the reasons that you state, but rather, I don’t appreciate a powerful that claims to support diversity, but then regulates what I see in the image they think I should see it.

Now, the diversity issue on the level to which YOU mention.

I am curious as to whether you are familiar with James Damore’s famous (or infamous, if you are closed-minded and not into real science) memo. His memo points out biological/ psychological and literally scientific differences between men and women that are altogether avoided due to the politically correct environment that many companies try to abide by. I found it very interesting, but NOT a surprise.

But his memo pretty much just sticks to differences between men and women, but no so much the various races and cultures. I have studied economics for quite a while and have come to learn that there is a huge difference between empirical data and what we are told about “diversity”.

Thanks to in depth empirical studies from the likes of Dr. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams (both black men, I might add), I have learned that ratios of various ethnic groups in particular fields is no more than just that — ratios.

We are taught that if a particular group of individuals is not evenly represented in a company or industry, there must necessarily be some form of racism or sexism happening. Yet, no where in history or in any country do we find even representation where there are multiple races of people involved, EVER.

Drawing the conclusion that racism and sexism is suspect is dangerous and fuels an argument that simply doesn’t exist without creating fictitious narratives in this day and age.

Asserting that certain groups are not “fairly”represented in an industry automatically assumes that those groups have people applying in the same numbers as the alleged “preferred” hires. In other words, your claim that there are not enough blacks in the tech industry is responsible for a woman’s picture being labeled “ape” is somehow someone’s fault.

The truth is, in spite of all the “institutional racism” that people allege, the numbers of blacks, Hispanics, and females in general, in the tech industry are much lower because they simply are not applying. Google, for example has even been caught NOT hiring whites in favor of minorities. Yet, they still can’t seem to “diversify”. The only step to make the tech companies look more “diverse” is for them to lower the bar on qualification(which some, as it turns out already have).

And, if that transpires, what is the message they send to the minorities and women? “We know that you are not strong enough to compete so we are going to give you a break.” Is this really what we want? To NOT challenge them because we think that they can not compete? Isn’t that presumptive and racist?

Hiring less qualified candidates in order to fill a quota is a bad idea that the highly competitive industry can not afford. The best is the best regardless of race, color, or national origin. In other facets it can actually be life threatening to hire like this. If you are trapped in a burning building, do you want someone to save you based on their race or their qualification? I would argue that most, at that point don’t give a damn what the race is, so long as they can get them out safely.

As I mentioned before, I personally do NOT care for the tech industry. Never before have I seen such a closed minded group of people whose intelligence does not match their common sense. They double down in support of policies that have only served to HURT minorities and then attempt to force their ideology down my throat.

They are an elite bunch hell-bent on believing that they are smart enough to decide our lives for us. They censor social networks for some and influence search queries to emulate what THEY like and not what some are looking for. They assist in polarizing a nation by calling people who believe in gun rights, God, and border control, “right wing nut-jobs” and “racists”. Ironically most of them have never even handled a gun, side with other religions in spite of knowing nothing about them, and have not had friends and family killed by drug dealers.

As you pretty much indicated, the tech industry in total lives in a bubble, not resembling the real world. Oh sure, they act like they care about their employees, but only the ones that are aligned with them politically.

In the end, I must agree that the tech industry DOES indeed INTENTIONALLY lack diversity. But, the intentional lack is NOT towards minorities. THAT lack of diversity is really not intended. Their real lack of diversity is in ideas. If everyone doesn’t think the same as they, they are simply not allowed to participate.