Mac OS problems: San Francisco Font

There are many problems with this new ‘official’ font for macOS from Apple.

Who are designers for this? Well, it’s not really known. Rather hidden/kept secret or private.

One thing is that these designers might be thinking that this font looks/feels like real old Apple/Mac’s system (official) font called Chicago. I can sort of see that when SF font appears in two-tone (gray and black) pane of system/application preference panes.

Yes this looks like going *fucking* back to the days of like Mac OS … 6? 5? Like those on SE or classic. Dead old things.

But it’s not legible. There is no quick legibility in these font design, buttons, and color contrast.

Retro. Oh my god. Apple’s Macs are now going for retro.

This is really disastrous misperception/impression, and going against the current of ‘making things tool like’.

Too much possessiveness about ‘design’ is making Apple team blind and tonedeaf.

It’s unusable.

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