The Hearing Centre Is a New FoPay Merchant to Introduce

The FoPay Merchant Platform is represented with the different business spheres: retail, services, health care. All our merchants do not just do business and earn money, they help people realize their dreams: to invest money in something worthwhile, to bring the appearance closer to their desired ideal, to become healthier and more energetic, and so on. They make people happier. But we can undoubtedly say that today’s merchant is special — it helps people with hearing loss. Please welcome The Hearing Centre, a new FoPay merchant from Singapore.

The Hearing Centre was established in 2004 aiming to provide cost-effective hearing aids and quality hearing care services for those who need it. The idea of starting his own business in this sphere came to Ernest Poh, the CEO and founder of The Hearing Centre, because he saw with his own eyes how hard it is for people who have problems with hearing:

— The Hearing Centre was started in 2004 by myself. I saw some elderly relatives who were struggling with communications with their children. I was looking around for a good solution and could not find a favorable place to find the solution. Hence I decided to start a hearing center myself. Starting a niche business was a real challenge but the challenge strengthened my determination to thrive in a niche market.

Today, The Hearing Centre consists of 7 branches in Singapore and one oversea branch in Indonesia. It offers the best hearing aids and services at competitive prices through having its own Audiometric Room, state of the art equipment and close links with manufacturers. Moreover, The Hearing Centre’s specialty is not only in first-class products but also in the care and special attitude to its customers. Ernest Poh, the CEO and founder of The Hearing Centre:

— The most important thing about business is trust. Whether it is trust from the customers or trust in suppliers and also your staff. If you provide a product or service that gives value to your customers, you know you will be successful. Once the customer knows that you provide honest value, it will be the best word of mouth advertisement for you.

So now, The Hearing Centre is getting even closer to its clients by starting accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Ernest Poh, the CEO and founder of The Hearing Centre:

— I started to go into cryptocurrency about 2 years ago. I know the future is in cryptocurrency. When my friend told me about FOIN and FoPay as a channel to extend my reach to global customers, I was immediately taken to the idea as FOIN has a huge affluent customer base which I believe can improve my business.

Ernest Poh has plans to continue expanding his business and cryptocurrency will be one of the tools to achieve this goal:

— We have expanded to Cambodia, the next step is to extend into SEA nations. In business, we need to move and adapt with the times. When technology changes, we can go against it but must learn to embrace it. If you don’t embrace it, you will find that one day you will be obsoleted or your strategies might not be able to compete.

We congratulate The Hearing Centre on becoming the FoPay merchant and wish the continued business success!

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