Dear community,

As the FoPay merchant community expands rapidly, we have got another announcement for you!

Today one might not think much about travel regardless of its purpose, would it be vacation or business. Nevertheless, economics and country communication are about to return to normal in not so distant future…

Dear community,

Today we would like to share with you some updates from our FoPay Merchant Platform and to tell you the story of Pannarai Clinic and to welcome them as a new official merchant!

Pannarai Clinic is the beauty and skin care institute, which provide quality service and best…

Dear community,

We are excited to share with you an update from one of our official FoPay merchant — Jessada Hospital. We have announced the Jessada Hospital as the new member of our merchant community right in the end of the 2019. And now we proudly observe how the business of our partners is developing and flourishing.

Therefore, Mr. Thiwat Saetia, the CEO of Jessada Hospital, would like to showcase the hospital and to tell more about its medical facilities in the new video, which is posted on our official YouTube channel.

As many people made sure that greatest wealth is health, we are glad that our community can get quality medical services from our merchants and not to worry about the ease of payment.

For more information, please, visit the site of Jessada Hospital:

Stay safe, stay healthy!


Dear community,

We find ourselves in troubled times because of the Coronavirus outbreak across the globe. Although the virus reach in Ukraine so far is limited, nevertheless, it will be a matter of time until many people will be affected by this virus. Until that happens here in Ukraine, we…

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