This was very helpful.
Anne Marie

Ah, yes, I imagine having a little one would make this a little bit more difficult. Not sure you situation, but if you could have your partner help out in the mornings, that could really alleviate the issue of having your morning routine get interrupted. Another thought would be to have an evening routine that you can do once you put your daughter down to bed at night. I’m sure you could at least get some reading, meditation and other calming activities done at that time.

As for falling asleep earlier, I have this exact issue and even after six months of waking up at 6 AM my body still hasn’t fully adjusted. When I need to stay up late to work (or catch up on Game of Thrones…) and only get five and a half or six hours of sleep, my body does not seem to care. I’ve kind of had to force myself to fall asleep earlier by shutting down all electronics, going to bed and reading until I fall asleep. Sometimes that’s 5 minutes of reading, sometimes that’s an hour. I’m hoping one day an evening ritual will stick and I can be tired and fall asleep at the same time each night. But truthfully, I’m going to bed between 10:30 — midnight depending on the day. Finally, I don’t nap. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with not needing a ton of sleep to be functional. When I get the post-lunch drowsiness, I like to do some push ups, go for a short walk or most often, reach for a cup of iced coffee to push through the rest of the day.

Hope that helps and I wish you best of luck on waking up early and not having any distractions!

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