Fọlá’s Diary — #005

Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash

Everyone in the world knows the feeling of pain; from the newborn to the aged. We feel it in different ways, and on different levels.

Some pain is physical. Some pain, mental. Some pain might be shared with others and some pain, we are left to endure ourselves.

is real

Not an act,
nor a gimmick

Being depressed
make you weak

We are all
with feelings

In pain,
like every
other being

We just
handle it;

are stronger
than others

That’s life!

We are not
all the same

that doesn’t
give us
the right

Fọlá’s Diary — #002

Photo by Nathan McDine on Unsplash

Too many times, as men and as Africans, we delude ourselves into thinking that discussing mental health or showing some certain symptoms are considered as weakness.

The misguided ones join in too; hiding how they feel, just to conform with the crowd. Hurting deep inside, but their bravado will not let them ask for help.

It is not

to wake up;
in the night

It is not
to have fear

or to quaver
in the wake
of your demons

It is not
a flaw
to scream out
and ask
for help

It is not
to share
the stories…

A Love Poem

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

I remember
it was your toothbrush

the first thing
you brought along

It was personal
you just wouldn’t get
another one

Then you got tired,
of borrowing
my shirts

They were too big
you said

That it was too easy
for me

to find my way
to your spot

A small bag
for a week

Then you cleared a space
in my cupboard

The keys
were plenty
so you chose one

My house and heart
you had unlocked

I gave you

I gave you
all you wanted

but it just
wasn’t enough

Leaving the way
you came

Your clothes

A Love Poem

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What more can I do
to prove my worth?

How much more
do I have to endure?

What can I do
to finally
earn your trust?

What else can I do
to show you
you’re ‘the one’?

What did I do
to be treated
this way?

I keep trying
but all you’re doing
is pushing me away

You keep making excuses;
giving delays

What else can I do
to show you
I’m here to stay?

Is it because I care,
too much?

Or because
I’m always the first
to say I’m wrong?

Is it ‘cause
I still give you,
chance after chance…

Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó

Poet/Author | Get a copy of any of my books: http://linktr.ee/folabomiamoo | Contact: folabomiamoo@gmail.com

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