A Love Poem

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Can I
look into
your eyes,

till they twinkle
at the sight
of me?

Can I
embrace you,

till your worries

Can I
kiss your lips,

till they forget
the taste
of everything else?

Can I
caress you,

till your body
yearns only
for my touch?

Can I
pleasure your body,

till it knows
no better feeling?

Can I
haunt your dreams,

till your reality
for my presence?

Can I
wake up
next to you

single morning;

till your pets,
and clocks
bark in envy?

Can I
lift your
every load,

till your soul
knows no burden?

Can I
love you

the way
I know;

does love mean
something else

in your
own reality?

©️ Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó 2022

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A Poem TW: Death


gloom and sorrow

of the future,

of the ‘morrow.

It could be
any day now,
the doctor says

The illness,
has reached
its final stage

There is
nothing more
we can do

than to make
the patient comfortable

The day
is come

A loved one
is lost

has made its call.

takes another one.

A loss
A doom foretold

why does it
hurt so?

Just because
there’s a reason,
doesn’t make it sting
any less

Just because
you know
it’s coming
doesn’t make the pain
any different

Pain is pain.
Don’t slice it
another way.

Help a friend.
Help a loved one,

Give them comfort;
Give them solace.

©️ Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó 2022

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