Leadership Lessons from Donald Trump

Learn to stay in your lane.

While I will always give kudos to Trump on his business success i guess? The fact remains leading a country of persons not on your payroll is VERY different that leading a large group of diverse people many of whom have been alienated by Mr. Trump’s very basic campaign tactics. If you build a campaign on “we are sending jobs to Mexico” or any other scapegoat mentality you are setting yourself up for failure.

The fact is this campaign is mediocre. Maybe nobody else will fight our enemies but sorry, people study government for years, read on diplomacy and other knowledge just to get a seat at the table. Just because you OWN everything in New York, it doesn’t mean you are fit to lead. it doesn’t work like that. You must be vested. You must earn the people’s trust and its not HOLLYWOOD. Leadership is a spiritual gift you must be called to, you can’t buy your way into it.

That’s why a peanut farmer or junior senator may make a better leader than a business tycoon. Why our country was held down by humble men of meager means. Men who had character and were concerned about the effect they had on the entire country not just themselves.

Our country has taken the political process and turned it into a reality TV show. However, this approach will fail, especially when you have thousands of years of history and hostility between ethnic and religious groups. Showing up without doing your homework just won’t cut it. Not unless you don’t care about starting a war.

I hope the recent protests will be a clue to Mr. Trump that bullying your way into office simply will not work. The cost to the American people is entirely too high. When you have external forces trying to destroy you who needs enemies when the people in your own house can’t seem to get along. Mr. Trump please reconsider, being a man of peace will get you alot farther that dividing this fragile disunified country. And maybe you should take a class on government while your at it.

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