Folinu Hair Growth Review

If you stopped 10 people on the street and asked them about what makes them feel the most confident, 7/10 would say they’re most confident when they’re looking their best. But for those of us with brittle, thin and even disappearing hair, it’s hard to be confident. But the world isn’t going to give you special treatment just because you caught a tough break. It’s up to you to solve the issue. That’s why so many people are trying products like Folinu Hair Regrowth. In our review today, we’ll discuss all the details about this product, including; ingredients, side effects, best price, coupons and even a few user reviews.

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About Folinu Advanced Pills

One of the biggest causes of damaged and disappearing hair is a poor diet. Sure, sometimes it’s hereditary, but for a lot of us who don’t eat the best diets, nutrition can definitely play a role.

For those of us suffering from nutrition-based hair problems, FoliNu is proving to be a great product.

FoliNew Advanced is a pill-based health supplement designed to support your hair. It uses a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to deliver results quickly and safely.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients they list on their website.

Folinu Ingredients

When you think about things that make your hair strong, you usually think about biotin, right? Well, that’s a big part of the puzzle. But taking a biotin supplement isn’t an end-all fix for hair issues. That’s why when you look at the FoliNu formula, you’ll see a diverse set of vitamins, minerals and nutrients (including biotin). Let’s look at the ingredients;

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin C

• Calcium

• Iron

• Vitamin D3

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin B1

• Vitamin B6

• Folic Acid

• Vitamin B12

• Biotin

• Vitamin B5

• Magnesium Oxide

• Zinc Oxide

• Manganese

• Potassium

Aside from the ingredients above, FoliNu also features a proprietary blend that includes;


• L-Tyrosine

• Horsetail extract

• Fo-Ti

• Bamboo Extract

• Nettle Root

• Peony

• Spirulina

• Saw Palmetto

• Plant sterols

• Alfalfa

• Barley grass

While we can’t speak to each individual ingredient, it is a substantial list with some great ingredients.

FoliNu User Reviews

Most of the user reviews for FoliNu Hair Juice Accelerator were positive. Amazon Reviews for FoliNu came in at the 3.5/5 star range. Reviews ranged from excited, to dejected. But 32 percent of reviewers rated it 5/5 stars.

One reviewer pointed to a claim that FoliNu was featured on Shark Tank, but we haven’t seen anything to indicate that.

One common theme in the reviews was the length of time that people were taking the supplement, with some mentioning months or even a year of taking the supplement.

FoliNu Best Price

This may come as a surprise, but the best available price for a single bottle isn’t on Amazon! As we mentioned at the top of the review, the best price for FoliNu pills is when you buy a three pack from the company itself. When you do, you get a price per bottle of $36.99, which is $23 cheaper than the price on amazon, and $19 cheaper than the single bottle price on the website.

If you’re going to order, the best way to do it is through us.

FoliNu Trial Program

In our research, we saw people mentioning a FoliNu Free Trial. We haven’t been able to find anything saying that there’s a free trial for Folinu, or even a trial program in general. The only purchase option available (that we can see) is the one, two and three month supply options.

FoliNu Side Effects

In looking at reviews, we didn’t see any side effects listed by users for FoliNu. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. As you know, most products have side effects for somebody. It can be an interaction with a certain medication or an interaction with a health issue they’re experiencing. Regardless, it’s important to talk with your doctor before using FoliNu, or any supplement in general.

Our FoliNu Review | Final Thoughts

There’s certainly a lot to like about FoliNu. The pricing is good, the ingredient list is notable and the reviews seem to be solid for this product.

If you’re on the fence about trying FoliNu, we think you should go for it. In addition to their competitive pricing, they also have refund policy if you decide you don’t want to continue using FoliNu. For full information on these details and more, you can click the links at the top of the page to get started.

Thanks for reading our review of FoliNu Hair Regrowth Formula, and be sure to share if you found this review helpful. Best of luck with your hair!