Deleting Uber is the least you can do

A company who publicly strives to bribe its drivers (come and work for us to cripple the competition) and then when they have the upper hand starve them to death deserves neither staff nor customers.

I don’t know how anyone brings themselves to ride in an Uber car at all. Lowest common denominator. Pure selfishness. Uber is also rampant American imperialism, getting away with breaking local laws for the most part. Absolute lack of respect for local culture and/or transport regulations.

Fortunately Uber is relatively easy to mimic in each local market (and it’s not hard to treat your drivers better) so Uber looks likely to collapse under its own weight like a latter day consumer facing Enron. Here in Slovak Hopin app has taken the wind out of the sails of Uber.

I hope every country gets their own two or three great app driven taxi companies. I’d like to live to see Kalanick behind bars for his multiple felonies across the world. White collar criminal entirely without a conscience.

To compare him with a peer, let’s take Mark Zuckerberg. Much as I dislike Facebook’s information sharing with NSA and despite his youth for much of the ride, Zuckerberg for the most part has taken his decisions carefully and with conscience.