Did I even mention Hillary Clinton’s name — might I point out this is a non sequiter on your part?
Felicity Harley

Sorry Felicity — it’s just that Hillary Clinton has been behind all of the phony noise about Russian influence in American politics. The Russians have so little influence in American politics that it’s quite funny to hear that as an excuse for losing an election to Donald J. Trump. It’s hard to believe there are many citizens who would lose an election Trump but HRC is that one ace. The whole Russian conspiracy narrative only came into being after HRC’s failure to get herself elected after rigging the DNC primary against Sanders.

I’d suggest you reads the links I sent in response to your comment. You don’t really think the MSM is on your side do you? The MSM serve six large corporations whose only task is to protect the American plutocracy.

If you’re interested in knowing why the rest of the world admires Vladimir Putin, this (American) article covers the basics.

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