Have you ever called a man shrill?
Mirah Curzer

There’s that chip on your shoulder again, Mirah. Of course men can be shrill and/or whiny and/or weak. And we call them on it too.

If you are going to step out on the ice while the puck is down, put on your pads like everyone else.

If your arguments are solid, it doesn’t really matter what men/women will say. I would suggest you not expect special treatment as a woman when in online legal or political forums.

Heck if it bothers you much, choose a gender free persona. Your avatar is in sharp conflict with the business-like online persona you seem to want: eyes wide open, cute smile, head half-tilted, long hair down. It is more appropriate for as the portrait for the wallet of your boyfriend (or girlfriend, it’s up to you) than a business avatar.

Send the signals you want to send. There’s much more to life and social justice than feminism and gender. Half a million Iraqi children had to die to quench Madeleine Albright’s bloodlust. All Libya is in ruins to ensure Africa remains in Bretton Woods (previously the richest African country).

We Westerners really need to get some perspective (I include myself).

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