Also angry that most clothes that are made for these bodies are inherently tighter and more…
Aminah Mae Safi

Wear the clothes you’d like. Baggy or tight. Do keep in mind, extremely tight clothes on a woman have historically been considered advertising for attention. While we can alter societal norms to some extent, fighting instinct head-on will always be an uphill battle.

The issue is that woman indeed dress this way to attract attention — welcome attention. The etiquette of distinguishing welcome from unwelcome attention is extremely subtle. Whole books are written about it. Researchers spend their lives unravelling the mating and social dance. Don’t forget these rituals vary around the world. Don’t expect to take Ohio norms to southern Italy, let alone Mecca.

It’s not up to the West to dictate to other cultures how best to live (heck we’ve done more polluting in two hundred years than all the other cultures in the world managed in two hundred thousand). Due to our nutty behaviour and social rites, most life may be extinct in another two hundred.

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