Uber and Seamless ads reveal how Silicon Valley is screwing us
Matt Ruby

Your shots at white men are pretty cheap. Would babymomma culture be an improvement? i.e. different kids with different women all more or less abandoned. Racial slurs are not attractive, whomever they are directed at. Moreover, there’s plenty of greedy women in Silicon Valley of all races and creeds, where those men came from.

That said your point here is well said and well taken:

In the old days, this meant your life was falling apart. Now it just means you’re part of “the sharing economy.”

Uber is particularly offensive. Uber screws over cities (unregulated drivers on the road, untaxed carriage), Uber screws over drivers (no benefits, income negative income where possible), Uber screws over local entrepreneurs (Uber will price cut local driving services until they go out of business, using airdropped VC money to do it), Uber screws over passengers (putting them at risk, hollowing out local infrastructure, destroying sustainable transportation alternatives). Plus the guy who runs it is a complete dirtbag.

Riding in Uber is agreeing to let VC destroy your city. Don’t do it.


On the topic of the sharing economy, AirBnB are a bunch of hypocritical wankers as well. Originally a way for people to share their apartments with like-minded individuals, AirBnB now push Instabook on landlords turning it into a hotel service. Under the new system, landlords often have no idea if it’s porn shoot or a drug den who made the three day booking.

Again without either regulations or taxation. Nominally AirBnB encourages landlords to pay taxes but in reality AirBnB withholds income statements from local tax authorities. It’s a nod, nod, wink, wink situation. Basically AirBnB should be banned from every jurisdiction where they don’t comply with local laws

If stealing a candy bar, gets you ten years under three strikes and you’re out legislation, why is white collar criminality not only encouraged but celebrated? Arrest and jail sentences would be more appropriate for both Uber and AirBnB executives when they travel outside of the United States. It would be an excellent remedy to discourage rape and pillage capitalism.

Innovation is fabulous. Carpet-bagging is not.