Setting up the foundations for the creation of an MMO browser game with Socket.IO & Express. Follow up after the general introduction: ‘Creating a simple browser chat application with Socket.IO

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This article is pretty long, since I wanted to make an interesting foundation to an MMO browser game: supporting multiple users and seeing them move across the screen synchronized on every connected client.

The MMO will be set up with Socket.IO, a NodeJS server and HTML5 frontend. No fancy canvas rendering.

The code examples in this article are written in ES6. Features used, among others, include object destructuring, the ternary…

An introduction to Socket.IO and the possibilities of web projects that utilize real-time data

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I hope you, like myself a few months ago, have ever wondered how to create web applications that send/receive data in real time, and react to these data changes. Because if you haven’t found a solution already, I will present one to you today in this article.

This article expects you to have a really basic knowledge in Express, NodeJS and the usage of npm or a similar package manager. If you don’t feel like that describes you, here’s a good article to read first.


Utilizing recursiveness in javascript to render virtual dom trees which can be rendered to the HTML DOM

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This article was mostly inspired by ‘How to write your own Virtual DOM’ by deathmood. All credits of this article go to him. My original understanding of this concept is thanks to his article.

It serves as an introduction to writing your own little template system utilizing a concept called Virtual DOM. This article came to be because I wanted to write down my mental model on how Virtual DOM works.

I hope you enjoy!

Let’s grasp the concept

To start, it’s probably a good idea to…

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