A friend recently asked me somewhat cynically what I’ve actually learned from studying Philosophy. Here's why it's been very valuable.

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It's true that Philosophy doesn't give you any true practical skils, like studying Accounting would, but it did offer me a great basis in life as well as in my career. The biggest lesson that I learned from studying Philosophy has been that framing of any kind, mentally, socially or in society, goes way deeper than you would initially think. With "framing" I mean any, what I would like to call "added thoughts" that we add to events happening in the world around us. …

Maybe now is a great time to evaluate it

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Occasionally in life, you can find yourself in a situation where through cumulative responses to events, you end up in a state where you seem to be far from the state where you began, wondering how you got there. In hindsight, it is clear how every step led to the next and eventually to the end state, like ending up in the water after a long track on a slippery slope. …

And what this tells us

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In 2016, Elon Musk stated that from the moment the game “Pong” was invented in 1972 until now, so much has changed in terms of virtual reality, that chances are, we are already in a simulation. Or as Musk puts it: “There is a one in a billion chance that our current reality is base reality.” The idea of life being a simulation is known as the simulation hypothesis. Rich Terrile, a scientist at NASA, shares this idea.

That we might be in a simulation is, Terrile argues, a simpler explanation for our existence than the idea that we are…

Should you be aware of everything? Or live a happily unknowing life?

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In high school, I had a friend who didn’t seem very busy with the world around him. It seemed as if his thoughts in a day didn’t go much further than the choice between water or a coffee. I envied this, although I wasn’t quite sure if it was envy or some romantic view of how life could be. Or simply plain arrogance that I thought I knew more, therefore cared more, and thus had a “heavier” understanding of the world around me.

This is best described by the misconstrued phrase “ignorance is bliss”. …


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