Some Sightseeing Near The Pipe

Exploring The Virtual Universe Of Elite: Dangerous

When I woke up from a good, long sleep, I felt invigorated like I hadn’t in a long time. I strolled into my cockpit, a hot cup of coffee in my hand, wondering in what direction I should plot my course for this day, as I saw this nice colorful nebula hanging in the sky.

The IC4604 nebulae of the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex

“Holy moly!”, I said to myself and before I could say anything else, I heard the warm but slightly tinny voice of my Maggie (my ship, you know): “Sir, I assume you have spotted the Nebula, haven’t you?“

I asked her about it and she found it to be the IC4604 nebula of the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex, in which I was sitting right now.

As I had no better goal for the day, I plotted the course and headed off through a bunch of dark clouds. Five jumps and 200ly later I found myself sitting in that reddish cloud:

Arriving at the IC4604 Nebula

I honked my ADS (i.e. Advanced Discovery Scanner, and honking refers to the sound it makes when its triggered) to roughly scan all stellar objects of the local system, checked the system map and found a nice looking high metal content world, that I scanned in some detail:

High Metal Content World in IC4604

Then, after checking some other planet I found this little rocky body, only a few hundred kilometers in size, having a distinctly structured surface.

“A nice place to hang around”, I thought to myself and descended down to the surface, where I happened to find a basin in the canyons where I could land my ship. I got out my SRV and drove around, just for the fun of it (always taking care not to fall down into the canyon, where Maggie would never have been able to land).

Later that day, back in my ship, I felt I should continue to look around for nearby showplaces, so I asked: “Maggie, is there anything else nearby that is worth a look?”. “You might want to have a visit to Antares, which is among the ten largest suns in the known galaxy”, she said, giving me shivers of sensation.

“Plot course, my Maggie, and go into self-maintenance mode for the night. We will leave in a few hours”.

See you in Antares,

CMDR JogiMoe