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Internet Dating : By Follamigos

Before getting involve for online dating , Follamigos suggests few measures on personal safety in the situations when you are meeting someone online or across long distances :

1. Don’t put too much personal information on your social webpages : Too much personal information can simply mean putting what town you live in, where you go to school, your first and last names,what do you do, your family and where you usually hang out with your friends.The reason for you don’t want to put your personal information on your social network pages is that if you do, someone who doesn’t know you he could find with the details that you have put online.This could be very dangerous and risky.

2. Tell a trusted adult (Parent/family/member/friend) : Tell your adult whether your parents or your friend that you intend to meet this particular person to this date and give them a copy of the details you have received from the internet. You’d never know they might know them or their family.Tell your adult whether your parents or your friend that you intend to meet this person to this date and give them a copy of the details you have received from the internet. You’d never know they might know them or their family.

3. Do a little bit of background checking : It is very easy to pretend someone else online, no matter how long you’ve been known them or you don’t really know them! Our opinion is to search details online first , ask around in school, look in the phone book, etc. You have to get as much information as you can, this will help you to make sure that they are the person they say they are (age, school etc.)Know who they are, and be aware of their age.Don’t too cautious.

4. Call them with an unlisted number, switch your caller ID sending off : Call them with an unlisted number to whom you are going to date.Must remember text messages always give your number.You should call rather than text, to hear their voice.You can judge a lot from someone’s voice. Get to know them who they are over the phone is necessary for a while before you are going to meet them.Minimum of two weeks should be enough. Always do the calling before you date someone.When you talk to them on telephone, after a bit of chit chat, they suddenly start talking about sexual things they are just looking to hook up.So, be alert over the calls.

5. Arrange to meet somewhere at neutral place : Somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Follamigos opinions is do not meet at their place or yours where you would not normally go. You want to do your best to make sure you never meet them again, if things go bad. Tell your parents where you are going, with whom and what time you’ll be done.So, meeting should be done at crowded area.Beware if they suggest to meet at their place or yours.This is also a Red sign; stop communicating immediately. Always meet in a public, neutral place, most preferable is to meet during the day.

6.Be sure to bring atleast two of friends or a trusted adult : They can leave when you want them to and meet you at a set time (pre -arrange this time accordingly and stick to it unless or until) when you’re not done. Stay at that place for the duration of your first meeting. Remember the person you are going to meet, if they really are whom you should get to know, will not mind.

So, Follamigos provides the opinions that you should meet them a few times under these circumstances until you are not sure they really are the person you’ve gotten to know online, before giving them your details.

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