How to watch Chinese Overwatch tournaments

While there is no immediate English broadcast for The Overwatch Premier Series by Banana Culture, there are still ways to catch the action. Watching other regions, no matter the language of broadcast or quality of games — or quality of stream — allows you to see just the sheer diversity the game may have across many regions. 
Here’s a great preview of what OWPS is, by
$105,000 Overwatch Premier Series Spring preview

The intro for OWPS

What is the Overwatch Premier Series (OWPS)? OWPS is the Chinese equivalent of South Korea’s APEX series. It has 2 seasons, Spring and Summer, and a final event in late November (about 2 or 3 weeks after Blizzcon) which will feature international talent plus the champions from each season.

Where can I find streams for OWPS?— The most reliable site for viewing the tournament. It will be the main focus of how to watch. Bonus: HTML5 player!— Questionable quality, however it provides a reasonable alternative in case of buffering. — If you have ever watched a Chinese Dota 2 tournament you know this site well. Issues with buffering and ads, however.
Schedule and other event information is available on Liquipedia, PlusForward, and

My video is constantly buffering! Why?
As mentioned above, has a HTML5 player which allows for near-perfect and buffer-less viewing. Current issues with the player are that it often times video and audio get de-synced.
To switch over to the HTML5 player you must already be using the Flash player version, below is an image which will help you figure out which option to select in order to get the HTML5 player.

Select the option which as H5 and Beta within it.

I hope this guide has been useful, and I hope you enjoy watching some Chinese Overwatch!

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