Nowadays we can see lot of ICO and Blockchain Advisors who don’t really give any kind of concrete support to the startups they work with. But here at Followine we have on board one of the most trustful and supporting Advisors in the market.

Our Quentin Herbrecht has been interviewed…

The advantages offered by the Followine services are different and involve all the wine stakeholders.

In the short term, manufacturers will be able to count on greater security — thanks to the anti-counterfeiting system — and on marketing services aimed at acquiring and retaining customers — through the profiling of…

Sometimes the Followine team receive criticism regarding to the problem of the copy of QR codes. We never said it is not possible to copy them. As a matter of fact, we invested more than 1 year to find a solution and we developed an algorithm that is able to…

Erika Rosenstein has been appointed as Startup Mentor at FasterCapital, a virtual incubator based in Dubai that helps IT startups through their accelerator and incubator programs.

Our Airdrop is live: If you like the Followine project, you can get 1000 free coins. How? Simply by registering on

As we promised, we are happy to present our Mobile App: thanks to it, you will be able to scan all the QR codes you will find on…

We are very proud to announce that another top advisor just joined Followine.

Capt. Savio Gomez is an entrepreneur and an independent active Advisor to organisations, crypto-exchanges, an incubator / accelerator, startups and more. With close to three decades of international and diverse experience, Savio is a Master Mariner, an…

Followine decided to give everyone a special gift for this Holiday Season: our Airdrop is finally live! If you like the Followine project, you can get 1000 free Wine Coins.

How? Simply by registering on

Our team of advisors becomes bigger and welcomes Quentin Herbrecht, ranked in the Top 50 International and Top 1 in France, on ICObench.

Quentin holds a double master’s degree in business management and international trade and an MBA in international purchasing and supply chain management from La Rochelle Business School.

We’re happy to share with our community the last edition of Crypto Investment Times: its editorial team dedicated a focus to Giacomo Arcaro, one of the most important European Growth Hackers — who has helped 20 ICOs to collect over 18,000,000€. Giacomo Arcaro just joined the Followine team of Advisors and we are very proud of it!

Here you can find the article and his interview for Crypto Investment Times:
Other amazing news are coming in less than 48 hours, in regard to our AIRDROP. Stay tuned!

For more info about our project and the DAICO, please visit our website:

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Giacomo Arcaro is one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, Forbes, Wired and Los Angeles Times. Two Million € exits with the startup and +2,000 satisfied customers, founder of Black Marketing Guru.

Giacomo has now been involved in the world of cryptocurrencies…


The first and only anticounterfeiting ecosystem for wine World.

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