Followine ICO Advisor Erika Rosenstein panelist at Startup Grind Naples

Startup Grind event “Naples Blockchain City: Tradition and Innovation” took place the 22nd of November in Galleria Principe, Naples with the support of Google for Startups. The event involved a lot of people: not only those working in the blockchain, but also curious people eager to understand more about this technology.

Among the panelists called to discuss this new technology were Erika Rosenstein, Followine’s ICO Advisor, and Marco Crotta, founder of Blockchain Caffè. Together they discussed about what has been achieved so far, analyzing, among other things, concrete applications in different markets. What has emerged is that blockchain potential is immense and even traditional business world begun to understand it.

Blockchain gives access to unalterable information, accessible to everybody and guarantees a transparency otherwise impossible. This technology was once known only by geeks but in recent times it has even been discussed in G20.

One of the reasons why blockchain started to be aknowledged is the amount of disclosure related to it: “When I started to get interested in blockchain the news published by newspapers were fragmented and misleading. Even television contributed to this misinformation, leading to mix-ups and, in some cases, panic. Many considered blockchain synonymous of cryptocurrencies, in turn synonymous of fraud. Today people are starting to split the technology from cryptos and understand the dynamics of scams. Only by providing good information it is possible to put everyone in a position to understand the potential of blockchain”, says Erika.

Naples is the first city in Italy to introduce the use of blockchain technology in its administrative processes and to favor the use of cryptocurrencies. The action of the Municipality of Naples in favor of blockchain technology began on April 19, 2018 with the publication of a Notice addressed to universities, research centers and scholars aimed at setting up a work group on a voluntary basis.

The reaction was immediate: hundreds of scholars, experts, professionals and enthusiasts of the sector register as volunteers to take part in the project. There is talk of over 300 individuals of various nationalities participating the work group. The Municipality of Naples is preparing to become one of the most “crypto-friendly” Italian cities thanks to the reception of cryptocurrency payment systems, the implementation of these in the public administration and the design of the launch of its TTS.