IBM is now an Official Partner of Followine

The giant of IBM technology, founded in 1911 and has always been a pioneer of technological innovation, has decided to support Followine, through a partnership agreement.

With a turnover of around 20 billion a year, the high-tech giant has been included by Fortune in the ranking of the 50 most admired companies in the world.

Fabio Guida — CEO of Followine s.r.l.

“Followine is an innovative start-up created to bring a concrete contribution to the wine market, with the help of the latest technologies. Being chosen for a partnership with IBM — which helped to write the history of the technology we are children of — is a source of great pride for us “

said Followine’s CEO, Fabio Guida, who continues:

“IBM contacted us to find out if there was an interest in evaluating possible synergies. We hardly believed it. Yet it is like this: IBM has assessed the potential of our startup and decided to give us the support we need, especially at this stage “

The Followine path is enriched, therefore, with the entrance on the scene of IBM, whose support will be of great help for the development of the project.

For more information on Followine startup and participate to pre-sale, visit our website: Followine

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