Who do you listen to?

The past few years I have been reading and listening to software industry luminaries. One after the other I found several others that have given me incite into how I can pave my career path. I so wish if I could have found them when I was a student. Anyway, its never too late to improve.There are more blogs that are worth mentioning than I can mention here and overwhelming to follow them all. Following is a list of technical blogs that I read religiously (Of course the key is in action after reading.)—

Morning Brew — Make this your daily ritual. You’ll find the link to any blog that’s worth reading.

Scott Hanselman blog and podcast

Troy Hunt —Here’s where you will find if your account was involved in latest data breach

John Sonmez blog and videos — From writing your resume to marketing yourself, this is the best source you will find for free along with products.

Other must blogs reading ritual I have and you should too if you need guidance —

Ramit Sethi — Follow this if you want to get richer than you are instantly. Job, personal finance, business you name it.

Tim Ferris blog, books and podcast — You’ll find interviews with luminaries Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen here. Don’t forget to read the four hour series.

Chase Jarvis podcast — An hour long interview with none other than Mark Cuban