Reflections on Dissections: S5E1

Femi Olutade
Oct 3 · 2 min read

Demons and their influence over both individuals and society

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Demonic influence over individuals. From The Bible Project video The Satan and Demons

“When I ride it’s a murderous rhythm
And outside became pitch black
A demon glued to my back, whispering “Get ‘em!”
I got ’em and I ain’t give a fuck”

from “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”

One of the things that we tried to highlight in episode one is how Kendrick used these lines from “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst” to introduce us to the concept of demonic influence. In particular, Kendrick seems to be establishing the idea that demons, or evil spirits as they are sometimes known, enslave people and make them pursue sex, money and murder. Kendrick does this by rapping from the perspective of a friend who is a clear example of someone who is enslaved to murderous tendencies. As we’ll see later in the season, he isn’t the only one held captive by such destructive tendencies.

Demonic influence over society. From The Bible Project video The Satan and Demons

Indeed, even the album name good kid, m.A.A.d. city suggests that demonic influence affects not just individuals but whole societies through unjust systems of oppression. This is an idea that will keep popping up in Kendrick’s work both implicitly and explicitly.

For now, if you want more background on the concept of demons, you can check out “The Satan and Demons” video by The Bible Project. It has some pretty relevant moments like when it talks about how the nations of the world start worshipping “the gods of money, sex and military power.”

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