Reversing the Curse pt. 4: The Kingdoms of This World

Femi Olutade
Feb 13, 2018 · 14 min read
David’s Desire For a Temple — The Bible Project — Read Scripture— 2 Samuel

The Oppressed become the Oppressors

Solomon builds the temple — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Kings
Solomon’s Downfall — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Kings

Kings Who Do Not Read the Torah are Cursed (to Repeat It)

Northern Israel secedes — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Kings
Jeroboam repeats Exodus 32 — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Exodus Part 2

Prophesying Against Injustice

Israel’s failure to care for the poor — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Amos
Even after their acts of injustice, God still offered the Israelites an opportunity to turn toward justice and avoid destruction at the hands of Assyria
Martin Luther King Jr. was deeply inspired by Amos’s prophetic challenge to the injustice of Israel’s government and privileged citizens. MLK brought that message to the capital of his own government during his “I Have a Dream” speech on the National Mall.

Dying of Thirst

Equal to the Israelites?

The Philistines bordered the Kingdom of Judah to the west while the Arameans bordered the Northern Kingdom of Israel to the east, circa 830 BCE

Femi Olutade

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Asking for the ancient paths

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