Reversing the Curse, Track 2: DNA.-Verse 1

Femi Olutade
Mar 6, 2018 · 17 min read
Transformation is in the DNA of caterpillars

Braggadocio: Hip Hop’s Sonnet

Wearing capitalist jewelry over a communist revolutionary seems contradictory but may still be honest

Forgiveness: The Missing Trait

Kendrick raps among a group of soldiers during his 2018 Grammy performance

Which Yeshua? Which Weapon?

Icons of Jesus (Joshua) Son of Navi and Jesus Son of God. The latter is referred to as “The Icon of Extreme Humility”

Transforming like Mary

The Theotokos (Mother of God) of the Sign depicts Mary putting her hands up in submission to the life of Jesus growing inside of her. Early Christians thought that this image revealed how the life of Jesus was meant to grow in the Church

Transformation by word and power

In the Israelite tradition, mediation refers to the practice of repeatedly reading scripture to oneself — The Bible Project — The Bible as Jewish Meditation Literature
The stories and poems of the Tanakh are meant to be read repeatedly over a lifetime. Psalm 1 declares that such a practice will lead to being blessed — The Bible Project — The Bible as Jewish Meditation Literature and Read Scripture —Psalms

The Transformative Power of God’s Spirit

Jesus breathed God’s breath — i.e. God’s Spirit — into his followers and thus gave them the power to transform their lives — The Bible Project — Holy Spirit

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Asking for the ancient paths

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