Reversing the Curse, Track 2: DNA.-Verse 2

Femi Olutade
Mar 15, 2018 · 26 min read
Geraldo Rivera offered what many would consider to be a brash and ignorant criticism of hip hop’s legacy in response to Kendrick’s performance of “Alright” during the 2015 BET Awards

A Short History of Hip Hop

Impoverished black youths took the seeds of injustice and transformed them into positive creative expression — Murs — “The Science” Video

A Short History of Ganja

(Left) A Sadhu monk smokes gangja in India. (Right) A Rastafarian smokes ganja in Jamaica.

I Don’t Even Smoke

Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, Kendrick’s bandmates from Black Hippy, ritually smoke during their performances

DAMN. I’m in the Matrix.

Neo — “The One” from The Matrix — dodged bullets in an iconic scene.
“The Parable of the Sower” Icon by Antonios Fikos depicts a saint sowing in this life. The sheaves of wheat are gathered into the eternal storehouse while at the same time an angel gathers a new life into the house.
The “red pill” in The Matrix is strangely reminiscent of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Meanwhile, the Zion of The Matrix resembles Plato’s Cave more than it does Jesus’s Kingdom.

Darkness and Destruction (a.k.a. The Breaks)

Instead of turning toward the positive creativity of early hip hop, these Bronx natives founded the street gang Sex Money Murda’
The front cover artwork for “The Breaks”

Darkness and Destruction (a.k.a Plagues 9 and 10)

The blood of the lamb preserved the lives of the Israelites — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Exodus part 1
Nas depicted himself as a Pharaoh while defending his throne as the King of New York

The End of These Times

Modern humans are much more aware of how easily humans can bring destruction upon the whole earth.

Destruction as Our Faith

Royalty of the New and United Heaven and Earth

John, the author of The Revelation, envisioned a new earth in which streams of living water would reverse the desolation of the desert and connect the life on earth with the life in the heavens.

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