Reversing the Curse, Track 3: YAH. (Addendum)

Femi Olutade
Mar 23, 2018 · 13 min read
Kendrick’s niece weighs heavily on his heart, particularly when he’s away from home

Keeping the Family Close

“Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” from Section.80 introduces us to Kendrick’s sister

Keisha’s Song and Kendrick’s Sister

On “Sing About Me” from good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Kendrick questions whether it is right or effective to use Keisha’s story

Keisha’s Sister and the Ethics of Appropriation

On the track “u” from To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick’s vain pursuits have drawn him away from protecting his family which leaves him with heavy guilt and depression

Distance, Debauchery, Depression and Deliverance

On the song “YAH.” from DAMN. Kendrick upholds the value of a human life born into less than ideal circumstances

A Life Worth Living

Kendrick’s sister, Kayla, had her first daughter at the age of 13

Help or Hypocrisy

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