Reversing the Curse, Track 6: LOYALTY. — Outro

Femi Olutade
Jun 2, 2018 · 11 min read
In one of promo videos for her 2016 album, Anti, Rihanna takes a crown from a humble child and exalts herself as the new queen — from “Rihanna’s ANTI diaRy: Room 7

That Time Queen RiRi Went Hard on a Bitch

A Love that Deals with Death

The latter half of the “LOYALTY.” music video shows Kendrick and Rihanna gradually sinking into the ground/sand/water/grave.

The Rich Swallowed by the Ground

2Pac’s metaphor of “the ground” which he explained to Kendrick on “Mortal Man” seems to have foreshadowed a core theme in the DAMN. narrative

Korah’s Rebels Swallowed by the Ground

The Korah and his gang of disgruntled Levites sought to rebel against Moses, but it reality they were rebelling against God. Their attempt to exalt themselves as kings led directly to them being devoured by the ground — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Numbers

The Foolish Man Swallowed by the Sand

Jesus used the metaphor of a house built on sand to describe the livelihoods of those who establish themselves upon any foundation other than the teachings which Jesus gave to his Apostles. Recently, an Orthodox priest used the same metaphor to discuss the ways in which various Protestant traditions have departed from the original teachings of the Apostles — from the cover of Rock and Sand

Jonah Swallowed by the Sea (and a Fish for Good Measure)

The music video for “LOYALTY.” uses the striking image of sharks swimming through the ground toward Kendrick. This choice of imagery is very similar to the Book of Jonah, where the deep waters represents the grave and also contain a carnivorous fish.
At the end of chapter 1, Jonah sinks into the ocean but doesn’t get the chance to reach the bottom before a carnivorous fish eats him. Strangely, though, this way of death will soon become a way toward new life — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Jonah
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