Reversing the Curse, Track 6: LOYALTY. — Verse 2

Femi Olutade
May 17, 2018 · 25 min read
Kendrick forces Rihanna to prove that she fully trusts him by hanging off a building. He wants her to be loyal to him even if it puts her life at risk. — from the music video for “LOYALTY.”
Jonah claims loyalty to God but in reality he is only loyal to himself — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Jonah

The Greatest Commandments: Love God & Others

Jesus claimed that all 613 laws in the Torah were fulfilled by loving God and loving others — The Bible Project — The Law

But Who is My Neighbor?

The Icon of the Good Samaritan reveals that one follows the way of Jesus when one shows loyalty to one’s enemies.

Pure Injustice

The Torah’s ritual purity laws instructed the Israelites to separate themselves from anything associated with death — The Bible Project — Holiness

Touching the Untouchables

This Icon of the Ten Lepers shows Jesus healing those who are impure due to a skin disease.
(Left) A later Icon of the Woman with the Issue of blood shows an impure woman breaking through a crowd of disapproving men to humble herself at Jesus’s feet. (Middle) A much earlier icon from the 4th century focuses on the woman grabbing hold of Jesus’s tassel. (Right) A modern example of a Jewish tassel, known in Hebrew as a tzittzit

Avoiding Stains Or Avoiding Those in Pain

The Jews and Samaritans: A Story of Two Temples

The Book of Kings describes how Northern Israel’s lack of loyalty toward God led to the destruction of the capital, Samaria — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — 1–2 Kings
The Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, was formed into its current shape over centuries. This development included a pivotal period in which various ancient manuscripts were edited and stitched together to form the canonical texts. This editing process was done by many Judean scribes and prophets during and after the Judean exile. Humans were clearly instrumental in the process. At the same time , the religious communities who found life in these texts also believed that God’s spirit had guided the whole process— The Bible Project — The Tanakh

No Switching Sides (of the Mountain)

A 19th century painting of the ruins of the Samaritan temple on Mount Gerizim
Ezra chose to exclude the Samaritans from helping to build the temple — a decision that only created resentment among the Samaritans. Later on the Samaritans threatened Nehemiah when he was rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Ezra-Nehemiah

The Judeans: The Oppressed Who Joined the Ranks of the Oppressors

(Left) A coin with the image of the second century BCE Judean High Priest, John Hyrcanus. (Right) A map showing the Judean military conquest under Hyrcanus, including the destruction of Mount Gerizim, Shechem and Samaria
(Left) Herod the Great was the King of Judea when Jesus was born. (Right) Due to Herod’s murderous tendencies, Jesus’s family retreated to Nazareth a town in a region called Galilee which was north of both Judea and Samaria

Jesus: The Insider Who Joined the Ranks of the Outsiders

This icon of the Healing of the Ten Lepers shows the nine Judeans walking away from Jesus while the one Samaritan comes back to humble himself at the feet of his healer.
This Icon of the Woman at the Well shows Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman in the shadow of Mount Gerizim while the surrounding men gossip about Jesus’s intentions with the woman

A Temple of Bricks or a Temple of Human Bodies

As Jesus ascended into heaven and became King of the World, he commissioned his disciples to announce the Good News of his kingdom in both Judea and Samaria — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Acts pt II
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