Reversing the Curse: Track 7, PRIDE. - Intro

Femi Olutade
Aug 8, 2018 · 19 min read
Various identity groups in modern society implore their historically oppressed constituents to remain proud.

Heavenly Excellence or Human Exaltation

Exodus 15 contains the first song of praise in the Torah after God threw Pharaoh and his armies to the bottom of the Sea of Reeds — The Bible Project — The Book of Exodus Overview, Part 1
At the end of the Book of Leviticus, Moses told the first generation of Israelites about the blessings and curses that they would experience if they obeyed or disobeyed the commandments. One of the curses was that God would break the pride of the Israelites — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Leviticus
At the end of the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses told the second generation of Israelites about the blessing and curses that the first generation did not take to heart. — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Deuteronomy

Aristotle: The Prophet of Pride

The School of Athens by Raphael depicts the most influential figures of Western philosophy with Plato and Aristotle standing in the center. Given that most of that almost all of these philosophers taught ideas contrary to Jesus’s teaching, it is ironic that the original fresco was commissioned by a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church to decorate a room in the Vatican.

How Greece Became Great

The Alexander Mosaic from 100 BCE depicts Alexander the Great’s battle with Darius III of Persia.
Alexander led an army out of Greek Macedonia on the way to an undefeated campaign to conquer land as far east as India.
Antiochus IV issued coins with an inscription that read “King Antiochus, God Manifest, Bearer of Victory.”

The Judeans Rise Up

(Left) The Revolt of Mattathias by the Gustave Doré depicts Mattathias killing another Jew who agreed to sacrifice to the Greek gods. (Right) The Triumph of Judas Maccabeus by Sir Peter Paul Rubens depicts Judah as a conquering soldier, standing above the bodies of slain Greeks.
The Story of Hannukah by Ori Sherman depicts the Maccabean Revolt in the tops sections along with the rededication of the temple in the bottom section.

Jesus: The Anti-Aristotle

Upside-down Greatness

The Icon of Christ Washing the Disciples Feet illustrates that Jesus believed true greatness came through serving. At the time Peter could not comprehend Jesus counterintuitive leadership style.

Humility Will Get You Killed

The Icon of Extreme Humility shows that Jesus proved himself to be the King of Glory when he descended from the cross and went down into the grave rather than rising up against his enemies.
The Icon of Saint Peter’s Crucifixion indicates that Peter chose to be crucified upside down.

Love or Pride? You decide.

Rap Repentance

During the Book of Jonah chapter 2, Jonah spoke a prayer of repentance as he was suspended in the belly of a fish under the surface — The Bible Project — Read Scripture — Jonah
During the DAMN. Tour, Kendrick rapped a prayer of repentance while suspended with another body under the surface of a raised platform.

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