Reversing the Curse, Track 8: HUMBLE. — Verse 2

Femi Olutade
Dec 8, 2018 · 17 min read
A drunk Kendrick taunts those who have their guns aimed at him.
Many woke critics were angered by this shot of Kendrick judging the appearance of a light-skinned black woman with more exotic facial features.

The Feminist Rebellion

It Ain’t Complex to Put it in Context

As Rapsody explained on TPAB, “It ain’t complex to put it in context.” Nonetheless, most critics were not patient enough to put “HUMBLE.” into it’s narrative context and appreciate the subversive statement that the song is making.

Is It Feminists or Fox News?

As we heard in “DNA.”, Geraldo Rivera also made a sweeping judgement about Kendrick’s character due to interpreting a song out of context.

Speaking the Truth Without Love

In 2016, Kendrick was invited to the White House to meet President Barack Obama. The President even said that “How Much a Dollar Cost” from TPAB was his favorite song of 2015.
During a segment of their tour performance, Drake and Lil’ Wayne would smoke weed together on stage.
The Pharisee from Jesus’s parable thought that the tax collector should get the fuck off of his stage.

The Biggest Hypocrite of 2017

In the music video for “Ignorance Is Bliss”, Kendrick shoots a gun in an attempt to kill a nigga after drinking alcohol from a 40 oz bottle. However, the fact that Kendrick pours the liquor on a grave suggests that Kendrick’s desire for revenge is what inspired him to attempt murder.

The Emancipation of a Real Nigga

The Game has always asserted that he “keeps it 100” — aka “keeps it real.” In the music video for “100”, The Game hung out with a group of men wearing red to indicate their affiliation with the Bloods. The Game’s body language and aesthetic is similar to the cover of his prior album Jesus Piece. The cover in which reimagines the Icon of the Sacred heart by depicting Jesus as depict a black gangster who is wearing gaudy jewelry and a red bandana over his face. Ironically, the original icon is meant to communicate Jesus’s sacrificial love for all humanity.
During his performance of “The Blacker the Berry” at the 2016 Grammy Awards, Kendrick walked on to the stage and rapped the first verse as part of a chain gang. After rapping the line “emancipation of a real nigga”, Kendrick suddenly came to his senses. He then led his gang in removing the chains that previously enslaved them.

Real is God, Nigga

At various points throughout GKMC, we hear voicemails left by Kendrick’s mom and dad. The last of these voicemails includes a message from Kendrick’s dad warning him not to make the mistake of accepting the popular definition of what it means to be a “real nigga.”
Femi Olutade

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