Tips for Beginner Photographers

Absolutely everyone who dreams of becoming a photographer has some fears and indecision.

But what if you want to be creative, take cool pictures, but there are only gray houses on the street, and there is no money for a professional camera?

The very first tip is - don’t panic. Believe it or not, you already have everything you need at hand!

A photographer, as an artist, must show the beauty of this world, even of simple everyday moments. So grab your smartphone and go outside.

Your main tool is your creative vision. Take pictures of everything - passers-by, autumn leaves, houses, a stray cat, clouds and birds. In a word, everything you see. Keep training, look for beautiful shots in every detail of the world around you.

You probably want to ask what then? Photos are getting better and better every time, and the memory on the phone is already full. What’s next?

And then create your own personal blog. The more people know about you, the better. Take photos to order on the site of freelance photographers. You will soon be able to buy a real camera!

Do not forget a few important rules: do not save time to get even one shot, always carry your camera with you, do not buy expensive equipment right away and do not stop improving!

Do you think that this plan will fail at the first point? You can't take a great photo with a simple phone. And I totally disagree!

Take a look at the photo of this building that I took on my phone, just walking with a friend one evening. This building was no different from those standing around, but I saw potential in it. All that was required of me further was to point the phone camera at him, find a favorable angle and press the button.

Also take a look at this very strange yet aesthetic photo of my chandelier. Perhaps the last thing I would have started photographing, but that day it seemed to me that the ceiling was definitely worth photographing. How do you like the result?

All obstacles on the way to your dream are completely surmountable, you just need to have a desire and a little patience.

Good luck!😉



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