I’m not a Clinton supporter, but this is pure fantasy.
Sean Neville

Again, it’s fact. I don’t know if you read the entire article, but these are DNC emails available to the public that I’m pulling from, you can go and look at them yourself if you wish, I linked my examples. In summary, strategists looked at Clinton’s biggest vulnerability at the time (her connections with the Russian government), and came up with a narrative, but never used it. That’s the part confirmed by the emails you can look at.

The other part of my conclusion (that the narrative is now being used to distract the public from Clinton’s failure and to beat the war drum) is also fact. Clinton refused to take the blame when talking about her failure, and instead talked about Russia’s supposed influence in the election. And our cable news media constantly puts pressure on Trump to escalate tensions in Syria, or else he’s “playing into Putin’s hands”, as John McCain put it at one point.

I don’t understand how you got to “pure fantasy” and “imagination” from claims that are all facts, and claims that have sources (which I have linked so that — if skeptical — people can look at).

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