Little disagreement with much of Bernie’s POV, but unfortunately IMHO, he’s not an effective…
Mateo D

Bernie Sanders is currently the most popular politician in America, and despite coming into the 2016 Dem. primary with no name recognition, as a self-proclaimed socialist, fighting against one of the biggest behemoths of the Democratic Party machine — Hillary Clinton — he still managed to overcome a 60 point lead while the media was doing nothing except smearing him and his supporters, calling them racist and sexist and everything in between. The fact that he still remains popular with more than 50% of the American people while the media is still trying to smear him as we speak, shows that he is an extremely effective messenger for the progressive agenda.

And yes, you may see distaste of Hillary Clinton from Bernie supporters and Trump supporters, but they are for different reasons. Bernie supporters hate Hillary Clinton because she has no problem doing the bidding of corporate America, and being one of the most corrupt politicians in modern history. Trump supporters hate Hillary Clinton because of Pizzagate and Benghazi. And the fact that Bernie supporters are feminists and Black Lives Matter supporters, while Trump supporters would never ever hold those labels, further exemplifies how different Bernie and Trump supporters are.

I find it disappointing that you say that you have very little disagreement with Bernie’s ideology, but yet you compare him and his supporters to Trump and his supporters. Trump ran for president to rip off the American people, and it is easily visible how at every chance he gets, he tries to make a profit from his position as president. Not to mention that he has made the exact opposite decisions that should’ve been made almost every time he’s made a decision. From putting Goldman Sachs in charge of financial regulations to continuing the expansion of toxic pipelines like Keystone XL and DAPL, Trump has made all the wrong decisions that could be made. Bernie Sanders on the other hand, wants free-tuition college, wants a single-payer healthcare system, wants to end police brutality, wants to end regime-change wars for the petro-dollar, wants to end corporate influence in politics, and wants to completely shift our energy system from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, among many other fantastic things he wants to do for this country. And while you say you agree with him, as he is fighting as hard as he can for this agenda, I can’t imagine why any comparison is made between him and possibly the worst president in American history. I encourage you to re-think, or at least re-evaluate those comparisons.

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