Chomsky: The Russia Hysteria Is A Joke

Alfonso KC
Apr 14, 2017 · 4 min read

Words of wisdom from a genius himself.

Noam Chomsky is famous for getting a lot of stuff right in linguistics, philosophy, history, politics, and more. And he’s done it again, this time with Russia, in an interview with Democracy Now! a week ago on Friday. Here’s some of what he said about the hysteria:

First of all, it is a joke; half the world is cracking up in laughter. The United States doesn’t just interfere in elections, it overthrows governments it doesn’t like, institutes military dictatorships; simply in the case of Russia alone — it’s the least of it — the U.S. government under Clinton intervened quite blatantly and openly, then tried to conceal it, to get their man Yeltsin in, in all sorts of ways. So this, as I say, it’s turning the United States again, into a laughingstock in the world.

So why are the Democrats focusing on this? In fact, why are they focusing so much attention on the one element of Trump’s programs which is fairly reasonable, the one ray of light in this gloom: trying to reduce tensions with Russia? The tensions on the Russian border are extremely serious. They could escalate to a major terminal war. Efforts to try to reduce them should be welcomed. Just a couple of days ago, the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock, came out and said he just can’t believe that so much attention is being paid to apparent efforts by the incoming administration to establish connections with Russia, he said, “Sure, that’s just what they ought to be doing”. So, meanwhile, this one topic is the primary locus of concern and critique, while, meanwhile, the policies are proceeding step by step, which are extremely destructive and harmful.

So, you know, yeah, maybe the Russians tried to interfere in the election. That’s not a major issue. Maybe the people in the Trump campaign were talking to the Russians. Well, okay, not a major point, certainly less than is being done constantly. And it is a kind of a paradox I think, that the one issue that seems to inflame the Democratic opposition is the one thing that has some justification and reasonable aspects to it.

Although he makes points others have been making, he’s brought up other points that nobody’s talked about yet that make perfect sense as well; how in consideration of history, the US is a huge hypocrite in trying to claim that Russia presents a threat to democracy, and how Trump’s policies of decreasing tensions in Russia is actually a good thing, since the tensions on the Russian border could translate into WWIII if left like they are.

He continues:

You can understand why the Democratic Party managers want to try to find some blame for the way they utterly mishandled the election and blew a perfect opportunity to win…but that’s hardly a justification for allowing the Trump policies to slide by quietly, many of them not only harmful to the population, but extremely destructive, like the climate change policies, and meanwhile focus on one thing that could become a step forward, if it was adjusted to move towards serious efforts to reduce growing and dangerous tensions right on the Russian border, where they could blow up.

NATO maneuvers are taking place hundreds of yards from the Russian border, the Russian jet planes are buzzing American planes; this [is] something could get out of hand very easily. Both sides, meanwhile, are building up their military forces, adding the…one thing that the Russians are very much concerned about is the so-called anti-ballistic missile installation that the U.S. is establishing near the Russian border, allegedly to protect Europe from nonexistent Iranian missiles; nobody seriously believes that. This is understood to be a first strike threat. These are serious issues.

Nailed It (again)

There’s a very key point that he makes in the first paragraph, that the Democratic Party leadership (along with the help of the corporate media) is pushing the Russia hysteria through to distract from their failure to defeat an orange with a raccoon on top. It is not only dangerous for the actual problems on the Russian border, like Chomsky says, but it is also dangerous for the future of this country; how are the Democrats going to win again if they do not try to see what went wrong this time around? The answer? They won’t. In order for the Democratic Party to defeat Trump, it has to diagnose, and then treat the disease; it has to recognize that it needs to appeal to the American people by putting progressives policies and progressive leaders front and center, instead of being the party of Wall Street, corporate America, and fake outrage.

For more wisdom, the full hour-long interview is below.

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