Corporate Media’s Constant Trump/Russia Coverage Is Hiding Stories That Really Matter

But how, you may ask? Well, here’s the thing.

We get it.

We know how terrible Trump and his friends are, we know what horrific things they want to do to this country, and we know that there needs to be an independent investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

However, this does not have to invoke mass hysteria. The corporate media is comparing this to a water-gate level scandal, when it is not comparable to that at all. The corporate media also often over-reaches when attacking Trump and his ties with Russia, repeatedly using the words: “Russia hacked the election”.

What does that even mean?

There is currently no confirmed evidence that Russia hacked the voting booths, or the counting machines, or John Podesta’s emails. If the corporate media wanted to correctly point out the perpetrators of Election Fraud, they would point out Republican governors who used the Interstate Crossckeck System in the general election, which kicked off millions from voter rolls, and they would also point out the DNC for tipping the scale against Bernie Sanders every step of the way.

Conclusion: The panic from Russia’s possible involvement in the election is to hide real stories, and real water-gate level scandals.

Here are some examples of stories that were hidden by the corporate media.

A federal judge recently denied to grant a restraining order from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe to delay the final construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. On top of that, the Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement allowing the construction to go without a review that would asses the environmental impact of the pipeline. This means the Dakota Access Pipeline will not only get built, further adding to the damage fossil fuels do to our world, but will also not get checked for the possibility of a leak that could affect not only Indigenous People’s water, but also the water of the largest river in the US, the Mississippi River, which supplies water for more than fifty cities, and more than 15 million people.

Flint is still a crisis. There were stories recently about how Flint lead levels were now above the “allowable limit”. One, those reported lead level tests only tested sink water on cold, which gives the lowest possible lead reading, sink water on hot gives the true lead level. Two, the showers were never tested, or the water heaters. Three, if the corporate media actually sent investigative journalists to Flint, they’d find residents who are still having rashes, nose bleeds, and that can not breath when entering the shower. Four, it’s not just Flint. There are hundreds of cities with the majority of the population being poor minorities that do not have anything close to decent infrastructure, including water pipes.

Republican members of Congress are facing outcry from their constituents about issues such as the ACA and acting on Climate Change in their usually non-active town halls. Bill Akins from the Pasco County Republican Party in Florida, after making a claim that the ACA has a death panel provision, instantly got bombarded with the angry “no’s” and “boo’s” from his audience. Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah was confronted by a ten year old girl about his anti-science statements and beliefs. “Do you believe in science? Because I do.” Instant cheers from the crowd. There are countless more examples.

So what deserves 24/7 coverage, what deserves mass public outcry, which stories should get the spotlight, Trump’s hypothetical ties with Russia everyone already knows about, or these stories that matter, and that effect the lives of the American people?