Media’s Double Standard Shown Through Trump Military Story

A little while back, Bernie Sanders was running for president. He had a lot of big ideas to change the country, and they would’ve cost money. For example, his tuition-free college plan would’ve costed around $75 billion a year ( The media immediately attacked him for this plan, usually going along the lines of “how are you gonna pay for that?”. The Washington Post decided to attack him with two economists that said his plan doesn’t make sense ( They never mention how countries all across the world have had a system like the one he’s proposing without the destruction of their economies, or how he’d actually pay for it. A Wall Street speculation tax that Bernie proposed would bring in an astonishing $300 billion a year, more than enough to pay for his plan (

Now, Trump has decided to propose an increase in budget of the military of $54 billion a year ( He plans to pay for it by cutting other things in the federal government, including the State Department, and the EPA ( And no one in the corporate media decides to attack him in the same way they attacked Bernie, not even The Washington Post.

There’s plenty more examples. The corporate media and most democrats in congress at the time (including Hillary Clinton) went along with the CIA’s reporting of weapons of mass destruction, and GWB’s fear-mongering, and decided to support the Iraq War without any questions. It would cost $1.7 trillion (

This shows us that there’s a double standard here, one for people who want to help the American people and fight for justice, and one for people who want to do exactly what their corporate donors tell them to do, whether it’s to start a war or ramp up for a war, fight against an educated population, or protect the extreme amount of wealth and income inequality in the US, and in the global economy. And this double standard is proudly propped up by the corporate, establishment media.