Geez, as if “enabling” Trump’s election wasn’t bad enuff (“Crooked Hillary!”),
Mateo D

Thing is, agenda and ability to win elections are inextricably linked. The corporate Democrats have had control of the Democratic Party at least since the 90’s, or mid-80’s, and not only has America’s political spectrum moved farther to the right than ever before, but during the eight years of Obama’s presidency and forward, the Democrats have lost the House, the Senate, and 69 out of 99 state legislators. Not to mention how they lost the White House to the most pathetic candidate in modern history.

Since the corporate agenda the Democrats have currently isn’t going very well in terms of winning, some like me think that having an inspiring message and having something to offer the American people will help Democrats win elections. Presently, the Democrats have nothing to offer except “She Persisted We Resisted” and “Have you seen the other guys?”.

Again, people like me think this isn’t going to work, and that a different strategy and agenda is needed in order to win elections. And like I said before, we can analyze this with special elections.

Jon Ossoff tried the same thing corporate Democrats have been trying; centrism, incrementalism, trying to appeal to Republicans, etc… he lost by more than Hillary lost in the general in that district. Rob Quist tried a different approach, a progressive approach, and even though he didn’t win, he lost by less than Hilary did in that district, without anything like the amount of money and media attention the Ossoff race received. The DCCC did almost nothing to help Ossoff win, while Ossoff’s campaign received tens of millions of dollars. The Democratic Party had their heart in Ossoff’s race, they tried as hard as they could to make Ossoff win, and he not only lost, but lost by more than Hillary did in that district as I keep mentioning.

Main point being, it’ll be easier to win elections once Democrats adopt the progressive agenda. And since most of them will not because they are paid by corporate America to not adopt a progressive agenda, primaries are needed like the one in West Virginia against Joe Manchin to make the Democratic Party, this time with a progressive agenda, win elections.

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