“Bernie supporters hate Hillary Clinton because she has no problem doing the bidding of corporate…
Mateo D

We’re actually not happy at all that Donald Trump is president, as I outlined for you in my previous responses, but your claim that progressives just care about themselves and their moral purity is just not true. We care about the future of this country and the health and state of the American people. We also happen to believe that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (and the rest of their parties leaders) pose a great threat to the future of this country and the American people, although in different ways.

Donald Trump threatens to make bigotry normal and acceptable, threatens to throw Title II Net Neutrality out of the window, and threatens to throw tens of millions off of health insurance. Hillary Clinton would’ve threatened to escalate tensions in Syria and the rest of the Middle East, would’ve threatened to further de-regulate Wall Street, and would’ve threatened to continue quid-pro-quo politics, and continue the corporate oligarchy’s domination of American politics.

What progressives care about is defeating these toxic agendas presented by these candidates and their party leaders, and making sure the American people finally have a seat (or all of the seats) at the table, so we can finally get this country closer to a democracy. That includes over-turning Citizens United, publicly financing elections, etc…

When I look at those goals, I don’t see narcissism; I see an over-arching want to save American from its current geo-political situation. We don’t have that want to feel better about ourselves or our “moral purity”, we have the want to get money out of politics because it would make a difference if we got money out of politics, or if we enacted a single-payer system, or if we ended police brutality, the list goes on. These are goals not to have for personal pride, but to have to care about our country and its future. And if I assume (as you’ve said before) that you mostly agree with Bernie Sanders’ policy positions, I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about when I say people that hold those policies hold them for justice.

Side note: I’ve quite enjoyed our conversation thus far, and I can’t wait for the next one in the future.

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