Why The Corporate Democrats Need To Be Criticized Now More Than Ever

But why, you might ask? Why don’t we criticize the Republican party? Why don’t we criticize Congress? And why don’t we criticize Trump and his friends in the White House? Aren’t they a greater threat to our country at the moment?

Well, probably. But the comeback against Trump relies on a strong, progressive pushback, and I don’t think the corporate democrats are up for the challenge.

If the Democratic Party stays with it’s same old strategy, it’s going to lose very badly, just like in November. The Democratic Party establishment needs to be criticized until it’s dead and replaced by real progressives, and we will not get these progressives inside the Democratic Party unless the current Democratic Party is criticized.

And to be honest, it deserves most of the criticism it gets. Let’s take the supposed hero, the guy who wanted change and ended up keeping up the same center-right politics, the guy who wanted universal healthcare when he had a majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate, but instead passed a right-wing healthcare plan, and the guy who was all about hope, and then took away the hope of ending the completely unnecessary, and extremely costly wars in the Middle East, Barack Obama. Now, he wasn’t a total train-wreck. He did a lot of good things, including the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, freeing thousands of non-violent drug offenders, and creating the Iran deal and the Cuba deal. However, we cannot forget how he broke the record for the amount of deportations a president has ever done, how he expanded the NSA’s ability to steal your private information on your phone and computer, even after it was exposed by Edward Snowden, who he later decided to trap in Russia, how he didn’t prosecute any Wall Street bankers or war criminals, how he didn’t even push for a schedule change for marijuana so it could be scientifically studied, how he strongly advocated for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, how he allowed the illegal drone strikes in the Middle East to ramp up, how he made the Bush tax cuts permanent, and how he didn’t push for any type of gun reform, even with the enormous amount of public support at the time. That’s Obama. And don’t even get me started on everyone else who has followed the same establishment politics.

Unfortunately, these are the people that are currently in charge of the Democratic Party. But we can change that. We tried at the DNC Chair election, but if anything, it showed us that change doesn’t take place from the top on down, but rather from the bottom on up. We have to get involved in local politics, in state politics, and then on the national level. We can also support true progressives instead of the corporate democrats in Congress by joining the Justice Democrats. But the corporate democrats have to be exposed first, or otherwise we won’t get the type of unity we need in the Democratic Party base, and we won’t have a truly informed public.

These are dire times. We need bold measures to be taken. And Obama and his friends haven’t taken them before, aren’t taking them now, and won’t take them later. And unless the American people realize Obama and his friends are not the way to go, we will be stuck in a never-ending cycle of a political spectrum moving further and further to the right, with the Republican Party going off the scale, and with the Democrats close behind, both being fueled by corporate America, their donors.