I’m torn. I absolutely agree with your frustration with the DNC for the reasons you list here.
James David Jacobs

Why wouldn’t Bernie 2020 not happen? Poll after poll shows that he is the most popular politician in America, and even more polls show he would beat Trump in a heartbeat. Not to mention he is the only well known politician that takes no corporate money, and is right on virtually all of the issues. Even while he stays silent on his involvement in the next election cycle, his advisors say there’s no way he’s not running. And when he runs, he’ll win the primary since he has the support of virtually the entire Democratic base (80% approval rating with Democrats), and he’ll very obviously win the general against Trump, as many polls show.

Kamala Harris is a younger, less disliked, less known Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t mind taking corporate bribes, cuddling with the elites, and completely ignoring the left-populist progressive movement’s goals. Why not give the most popular politician in America a shot at winning the presidency instead of another Clintonite? Just to be clear, I’m not meaning to be aggressive here, I totally see your points, but from my view, it makes so much sense for — as I keep mentioning — the most popular politician in America to run and win the presidency and make the most epic turn-around of American politics from the Trump administration.

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